"Erin (Rein)'s Forgiveness is a laser beam of hilarity as the magical pixie girl. She spouts metaphors on pain and knowing the self with (dare I say it?) adorable quirkiness. (Rein) is the emblem for the fantasy sylph in all of those missed-you-on-the-L personals." 
Chicago Theater Beat (on Forgiveness)

"Rein had some of the greatest lines as the sex-crazed Lilly, nailing each and every one."
-Theatre in the Now (on Tribulation: the Musical at FringeNYC)

"RECOMMENDED...Top 5 Short Run Comedies...Characters that would come off as one-note in another show are developed into three-dimensional human beings. [Rein's] brash, vulgar slut—a character type you can come to dread after a few bad improv shows—is by turns nihilistic, caring and heroic."
-NewCity Stage (on Tribulation: the Musical at the Mission Theatre)

"⋆⋆⋆Erin (Rein) provides the ballast as the dorky new girl" in "this loopy, skillful satire of 80's teen-movie tropes and archetypes." 
Chicago Tribune (on The Power of Prom)

"The scenes are fearlessly eccentric, but with enough charm and narrative movement to keep them from leaving the audience behind"
Chicago Reader (on improv from Blood Dolphin)
"...invested scenes that are offbeat, but played with the utmost sincerity...(t)he ladies of Blood Dolphin aren't afraid to wander into strange territory"
Gaper's Block (on improv from Blood Dolphin)



Joe U Photography

Joe U Photography