SAG-AFTRA Actor * writer * dog co-owner

Erin Rein HS1.jpg

Erin Rein is a Los Angeles-based actor and writer, born & raised in Virginia and trained in Chicago.  She loves comedies that get a little serious and dramas with a sense of humor. You can see her and/or hear her voice in films, web-series, and commercials for very useful things (e.g. medicine, college, and booze), and her extensive studies of improv and Meisner inform all of her work. Hobbies include pilates & yoga, watching carefully for coyotes when she walks her small dog, and uninstalling Facebook from her phone at least once a month and then reinstalling the next day for “networking.” She WILL wave if you let her into your lane in traffic.

 Erin is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. She’s represented by BBA Talent for commercial work.